Bread dating code

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Bread dating code

They have meaning for our distributors just as the freshness date on the top of the package has meaning for our customers.On the top of our products’ packaging is a freshness date which is lightly sprayed in black ink.This freshness date means that the product should stay fresh and mold free through that date.Always look for this date when you are shopping, and choose the product with the freshness date the most distant from the date you are shopping.Because this assertion has circulated for so many years, we decided to ask several bakeries to clear up the rumor.

There are many possible code date combinations and systems so if you are unsure how long a product should be kept, it is always best to contact the manufacturer.For example, some products are coded with a "use by" date which means the product's quality and safety can only be guaranteed until this date.Other manufacturers have a "sell by" date indicating that after this date, stores should not sell the product.The color code being circulated does not match those in use by of the largest bakery in the United States.Checking the date on the packaging is still the best way to determine a bread’s freshness.

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