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Bosnian dating site

Interestingly, there is no Vegeta in sirnica, Bosnian cheese pie, but the unbeatable flavour of the homemade food is there – miracle, no?! Make the dough: In a medium size bowl with high sides pour in water, add salt, sunflower oil and some flour.Stir energetically with a wooden spatula into a pancake dough.Originally Bosnian women use a large table covered by clean cotton towels or sheets and a meter long wooden rolling pin. I heard that some women in Bosnia spread a tablecloth on the floor.You may still divide the dough into smaller parts and go one by one if there is no way for you to go bigger – that way you will come up with smaller portion pies instead of a large one. Sprinkle some flour on a tablecloth, place the dough from the fridge in the middle of the table cloth, flatten it with your palm slightly and start rolling into a very thin sheet.Now roll the pin with an effort, unroll the dough and repeat the procedure a few times.Sprinkle the flour now and then on the working surface so the dough does not stick.Sunce (translated as “sun”) is a guest house by the main road in Smajkici that has been luring in the travelers with farm holiday experience, mountain walking, herb picking and homemade meals featuring simple tasty countryside treats and house wine.

The village was totally destroyed during the war, rebuilt anew and makes an attractive mountain getaway from the oven-like Mostar in summer.

Unlike in the neighboring Croatia where burek stands for the whole class of phyllo dough pastry burek in Bosnia refers only to the meat pies while the rest of the pies are called pita.

Traditional pitas in Bosnia are conveniently called by the “staring” ingredient in the filling: hence sirnica comes stuffed with cottage cheese (mladi sir),zeljanica combines spinach and cheese, krompiruša features potatoes and tikvenica is stuffed with zucchini.

As she is working I am observing her no-fuss kitchen pantry: a large table for making pies stands right in the centre of the kitchen, stalls with bowls and baking trays with each one of them having its specific role and purpose – no sign of extravaganza, gas stove, an old oven, sink and refrigerator; large paper bags of flour, bottles of sunflower oil, cassette of eggs are the essentials I spot around as Mevlida uses them for the home made bread and pitas that she makes every day.

Food items are not stored if they can easily be picked up – for instance, we walk together to the kitchen garden just to pick up a few leaves of fresh parsley for the soup that Mevlida is making for dinner.

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Continue adding flour and stirring until you get soft dough. Now put the spatula aside, put some flour on your palms and start kneading the dough with your hands rather energetically – you are going to make a very well-knead dough.