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Bollywood films to achieve success in Britain include Garam Masala, a romantic comedy, which took £292,033 in its opening weekend, the science fiction epic Krrish, which made £210,499 during the same period, and the drama Dosti: Friends Forever, which entered the UK box office chart at number five after grossing £146,069 in its opening weekend.

Each of the three films have now grossed around £1 million.

So far Fanaa has taken a total of £1,176,000, almost double that earned by The Libertine.

The success of Indian films has encouraged some British-based Indian directors to experiment with the traditional genre of Bollywood films.

Last year, Gurinder Chadha, who directed Bend It Like Beckham, topped the UK charts with Bride and Prejudice, her Bollywood take on the Jane Austen novel.

This actor shot to fame with the 2011 released film ‘F. You go to India to see the Taj Mahal, you go there to ride an elephant."Successful Bollywood films can now expect to make more than £2 million at the British box office and, despite expensive publicity drives and all-star casts, a number of high-profile British productions have been eclipsed by Indian films.For example, Fanaa, a romantic drama, took more than £300,000 in its opening weekend while The Libertine, starring Johnny Depp, took £278,000 over the same period.These included George Clooney's Good Night and Good Luck, and Woody Allen's Match Point.When Anglo-American productions are added, the number of British films released in the UK in 2005 rises to 89.

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