Boastful self centered on his terms dating

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Boastful self centered on his terms dating

Worst of all, they seem to lack the self-awareness to realise they are the embodiments of such undesirable traits.

There is a derogatory term in local slang, “Kong Girl” or in Cantonese, to describe the type of Hong Kong women who are self-centred, demanding, materialistic and arrogant.

In wrapping up, I would say that if you are a man who loves to engage in casual sex with a wide variety of women, you have the self-discipline to keep your physique in reasonably good shape, and you want women to always talk to you and treat you with a high degree of respect, deference, and erotic submissiveness, this is the archetype to shoot for.

The vast majority of men who fall into this category tend to naturally communicate with women in a manner because men in this category simply do not care if others find them to be a bit ‘cocky’ and/or too candid and outspoken.

As it relates to socially interacting with women, a Total Alpha male rarely if ever looks to ‘fawn’ over women or play up to their egos.

If anything, a Total Alpha male type expects women to .

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Of course, there is nothing wrong with seeking happiness in life, but as my friend put it, “Not on the first date while we are still sussing each other out and deciding whether there should be a second date.

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