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"The screaming is a very stressful thing, but an awesome thing," says Irwin. "So we just had parties all the time," says Hemmings.Last January, the band's label, Capitol, paid for 5SOS to move into the Bel Air house and write their new album for three months. "We had some pretty great parties at the start of the year, and they kind of got better and better.

" They were called one just last night, at an industry party, when Hemmings was introduced to a new group. If the Beatles and the Rolling Stones and all those guys can do it, we can do it, too." There is much work to be done.

After 5SOS plugged in and punked up their look, One Direction took them on a 63-date arena tour in 2013; they are now the first band in history to have their first two albums debut at Number One.

The epic four-year journey has been immortalized in At this point, their celebrity has eclipsed that of their pop-punk idols Good Charlotte and Sum 41, but 5SOS have an entirely different kind of fame: They get re-tweeted at dizzying speeds by their teenage-girl fans (more than 13,000 in a minute); they top the "most-reblogged" chart on Tumblr; they are the subject of fan fiction, some of which features bondage sex and cross-dressing. "It scares me." In Las Vegas, 60 fans were busted for crawling through a venue's air vents, attempting to sneak into a 5SOS show.

When they arrived, 20 people were already waiting outside.

Details are hazy, but the rest of the night included an outdoor fire with Niall Horan of One Direction and a game of Rock Band at 6 a.m., and also, quite likely, vodka shots, swimming and a New Found Glory dance party in the kitchen. He sits down in the kitchen, as the band's groomer goes to work spraying his hair for a video shoot tonight, for the band's new single, "Jet Black Heart." Everybody calls Clifford 5SOS's most punk-rock member – the band's Sid Vicious, if Vicious came up covering All Time Low and Ed Sheeran.

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"Some people snap a little and some people say things they wouldn't normally say," Hood says.