Benicio del toro dating anyone

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Waking up after Benicio’s audition he asked, ‘How tall are you?

The uber-producer arrived, said hello, took his seat and instantly nodded off, his head lolling on his chest.

– Was offered the role of Reinaldo Arenas in Avant la nuit (2000) that eventually went to Javier Bardem.

– Attended the University of California – San Diego (UCSD) – Burned himself with cigarettes repeatedly for the elevator scene in Las Vegas parano (1998) because the real ‘Oscar Zeta Acosta’ did as well. – Turned down the role of Frida Kahlo’s husband Diego Rivera in Frida (2002) because of the weight gain that would be required, despite that earlier, for Las Vegas parano (1998), he had gained 40 pounds for his character.

Not that I’m trying to be really nasty about it, but… Kimberly was most recently linked to actors Jude Law and Rhys Ifans, and in 2005 Kimberly was engaged to then-Laguna Beach star Talan Torriero, who was seven years younger than her.

The Lusty Men– Son of Gustavo Del Toro and Fausta Sanchez-Del Toro, and Godson of Sarah Torres (all lawyers). – Sent to boarding school in Pennsylvania when he was 13.

Way back when, he spied some graffiti in backstreet Los Angeles -- SAME SAME, it read -- and he secreted those two simple words deep into his memory.

He was injured so badly that he was out of work for months, even though the film was virtually completed.

He fell on his wrist as he dove for a knife and actor Tommy Lee Jones fell on top of him.

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If you have any Benicio related news, photos, scans, encounters, graphics... – Timothy Dalton has a permanent scar on his hand from this film.