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Once-upon-a-time marriage was the norm in America, but a shift started and curtailed the velocity starting in 1976.Today, single people make up the majority, which is strange because online dating services, dating applications and technology, should've beefed up the number of married couples in the nation.Texting has, in fact, become so central to modern life that common texting abbreviations have made their way into everything from social media to in-person conversations.The dating scene has not been excepted from the increased focus on texting.When it comes to dating there are certain women who make it harder.Ladies, if you can't understand where all the men are, check out the following reasons why some guys are remaining out of the game.It takes longer than a phone call, is less personal than a face to face conversation and is infamous for causing miscommunications, misunderstandings and fights when the wrong tone is read into a text.

A person who does not have a fervency for the Lord will drain you spiritually.

Yet, for some men, dating can be harsher than living in their mom's basement.

Dating is an ungracious world to navigate and some men are not charmed by its complexities.

Since we pay so much attention to outward appearances, we may choose someone based on this and set up a date.

In the meantime, we overlook their traits and other bad habits.

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Texting has become a staple of modern communication.

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  1. (Four minutes might be pushing it, though, since some research suggests it takes 20 minutes for people to decide whether they want a second date.) And first impressions may be more important for men than for women.