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Any new site chat and winked

ZEENAT is found of driving and once we leave Guna I give her car.That morning ZEENAT was wearing a short kurta and Maxi below it. My daughter is a heavy sleeper and usually does not wake up for six hours once she fells asleep.All three boys got in our car back seats and one of them pointed gun on my head and asked ZEENAT to drive on.We were following the Jeep and after 10 min the jeep turned left on an unpaved but regular road. I was sure that they would take all our money and let us go.He had a cruel look on his face and he asked the boys about us. It was then I realized that he was about 6-2and massive in his built. He said I will only explain once, if you take care of me and boys then we will let you go. Also, if at any point we feel that you are not enjoying then we start again.One of the boys said “ Uncle this bitch had called us Idiot on the road and we thought you would like to teach her a lesson in manners. I started to walk towards him and pleaded that there was a mistake on our part and that we were ready to apologize for our mistake. All this while he was appraising ZEENAT and disrobing her with his eyes. I am Dawood; boys are Haroon, Rashid, Aslam, Hamid, Karim, Ismil, and Latif.We came across a make shift gate and some kind of fence running along for a long distance.The gate was already opened by boys in Jeep and we were forced to drive in the compound.

The boys laughed and then threatened me to shut up or else they would shoot my daughter who was fast asleep on back seat. We drove for next 10 min in silence and I noticed that we had left behind any sign of habitation.

One Friday morning I had some business at Gwalior and I decided to take ZEENAT along to spend weekend at Gwalior.

We started at 9.00 AM and were cruising along enjoying the view and journey.

ZEENAT is found of good undergarments naturally this pair was no exception.

Her figure of 37” 22” 36” was displayed at its full glory.

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She is maintaining her figure very well and with a height of 5-6 she can carry any dress on her person.

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