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Specifically, one of the victims found fishy software on her computer.

The woman, who was then 21, found an application that enabled the remote accessing of her webcam. The woman suspected Meldrum right off the bat, given that he’d recently “helped” her with her computer. The victim told another woman, who was then aged 23, about the tampering.

The second victim gave a heads-up about the investigation to yet another woman who, she knew, was acquainted with Meldrum. Gee, what a surprise – there was remote-access software on hers, too.

Another step Live Stars took on their mission to ensure clients can fully hide their identity.

Although, this is not the first time the crypto economy mingled with the adult entertainment world but Live Stars and a few other similar startups really try to take the technology behind cryptocurrencies and apply the advantages of Blockchains to the porn industry.

If you suspect there’s something weird about your webcam, it’s best to unplug it, or put a bandage or sticky note over its lens, until you get it checked out.

But if you’re like me, you’re asking yourself this question: if I bring my computer to a computer technician, how do I know that they won’t pull a Meldrum?

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