Amy and minwoo dating dircet dating

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Amy and minwoo dating

However, when fellow Shinhwa member Shin Hye-sung released his solo debut, Lee stopped performing in order to avoid competing with him.In October 2005, Lee released his second solo album, IInd Winds.He and the other members founded the Shinhwa Company to manage their group activities and became co-CEO with leader Eric Mun.As of November 2012, he has signed with Liveworks Company.To capitalize on this success, Good Entertainment (via EMI Korea, their distributor) released yet another version of the album.However, this one had a completely new cover and special bonus tracks; in addition, there was a bonus VCD.

As opposed to the sophisticated image from his first album, Lee promoted this single with a "handsome" image, as the song was a light pop song.I miss these "Dorks" and hope to see them again on stage soon........Concerning the ardent love theory, member of SHINHWA, M made a formal statement.During this time, Lee recorded and released a single, "If You...", in March 2005.Sales did not reach album levels, but the single managed to sell over 30,000 copies.

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Meeting reporters at a Tokyo restaurant on the 18th, Minu said "I am able to sing songs, because the love of fans enables me to rise to stage.