Advise on dating bad boys

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Advise on dating bad boys

"A jerk is rarely so bad that no one wants to hook up with him." Now, some single guys are taking steps to avoid being lumped into the nice guy category.Malov's agency, which coaches single men from all over the U. and as far away as Japan and Norway, instructs clients to steer away from the polished, predictable image.

He's not trying to be cocky or mean to women, but his new attitude is getting him more dates.

This nice guy backlash may sound unpleasant, but some men blame women who disregard the nice guy as an option.

Some women interviewed say they equate a nice guy with being a boring guy.

"It throws the balance off." Despite this attitude, some dating coaches say that women should keep an open mind.

The negative stereotypes of a nice guy aren't always true; the men aren't always timid or easy pushovers.

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As a licensed counselor in Washington, he's listened to many men groan about being in the nice guy rut.

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