Accomodating the whole darn world

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Accomodating the whole darn world

There was storage, an accessory plug, and even a cup-holder.The engine sounded like a hummingbird at highway speeds and, although King Tuk will never win any hill-climb contests, he got us where we were going every single time.We managed to reach him by phone and were told he would be there in “15 minutes”, but I guess our watches weren’t set to island time…Ultimately we let it go, because things like this happen, and that’s life in Asia, but there was a period of time when we were standing on the side of the street with all of our luggage piled around us, getting pitying looks and solicitations from the local tuk-tuk drivers where we were feeling a little less forgiving.The second issue was that our tuk-tuk developed a rather nasty gas leak after our initial test-drive (pointed out by a nearby, and very excitable, tuk-tuk driver).As it happened, an in-line gas filter had failed, and it was quickly and easily replaced by Rocky before we signed any paperwork or paid any money.

When we were researching tuk tuk rentals, we really only found one place, at least online.

Ultimately, we were immensely happy we decided to rent from Rocky and, for the most part, the entire transaction was smooth and worry-free.

We did, however, experience two hiccups with Pick ‘n’ Go Rentals.

For one, we arrived early in the day and had to wait over an hour for Rocky to show up at his rather hard to locate shop.

It was early, yes, but he knew in advance we were coming and said he would be there.

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Pick ‘n’ Go Rentals is run by a friendly, burly, floppy-haired Sri Lankan named Rocky.