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The district administrative chief of Bagram Abdul Shukoor Qudoosi confirmed the incident and said the deceased individuals all belonged to the NDS directorate of Kapisa.At least twelve Taliban insurgents were killed in an airstrike conducted by the US forces in souther Uruzgan province of Afghanistan.More than 60 million people are displaced from their homes as of the end of 2015, the highest number of displaced people since World War II, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).This group accounts for 0.8% of the world’s population, or nearly 1 in 100 people globally, and represents the highest share of the world’s population that has been forcibly displaced since UNHCR began collecting data on displaced persons in 1951.

That share grew to 36% by 2005, 51% by 2010 and nearly two-thirds (63%) by 2015, when 37 million displaced people were living inside their birth country.According to the local security officials, the airstrike was carried out late on Wednesday night in the outskirts of Tarinkot city, the provincial capital of Uruzgan.Taliban fighters attacked a police security post in Afghanistan’s central Ghazni province, killing eight local policemen, while four intelligence officials died in an ambush by insurgents in the north, Afghan officials said Thursday.In September, the United Nations will host a summit to discuss this trend and President Barack Obama will host a related meeting of world leaders.The UNHCR defines displaced persons as those who have been forced to leave their homes.

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Meanwhile, about one-in-sixty people living on the African continent (1.6%) are displaced (not including Egypt, which is considered part of the Middle East).

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